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They were a loving couple and the separations necessary because of his work caused them great pain. Booth appointed Brengle to head a Boston Corps. An antagonist threw a brick at him, which hit him in the head.

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For days no one knew whether he would live or die. It took him eighteen months to recover. During his recovery he wrote a series of articles on holiness for the War Cry, a Salvation Army paper. These were translated into a dozen languages. Later, when the Salvation Army split, he helped rally the remnant and remind them of their calling to fight sin and win souls. How timely was this Heaven-planned contact! He describes what this Teacher revealed to his hungry heart:.

I got my eyes off everybody but Jesus and myself, and I came to loathe myself. Interwoven with the knowledge that God had called him to preach, was the ignoble yet insistent urge to be a big preacher. Perhaps if I seek the baptism, I shall have this power! The morning of January 9, , found Brengle awake early, his soul stirred to the depths. The Spirit of God was trying to bring him to a definite issue. His carnal heart, meanwhile, found comfort in the thought that even though he should be assigned to a small, obscure church, he could still be a powerful speaker.

To the end of his days, Brengle never doubted the reality of this work of grace in his soul, nor did he ever cease to magnify it.

Two days later, another manifestation of God flooded his soul. Of this experience, he said:. I opened my Bible and, while reading some of the words of Jesus, He gave me such a blessing as I never had dreamed a man could have this side of Heaven.

Samuel Logan Brengle Soldier and Servant

It was an unutterable revelation. It was a Heaven of love that came into my heart. My soul melted like wax before fire. I sobbed and sobbed. I loathed myself that I had ever sinned against Him or doubted Him or lived for myself and not for His glory. Every ambition for self was now gone. The pure flame of love burned like a blazing fire would burn a moth. I walked out over Boston Commons before breakfast, weeping for joy and praising God.

Oh, how I loved! In that hour I knew Jesus, and I loved Him till it seemed my heart would break with love.

Recording of the voice of Samuel Logan Brengle

I was filled with love for all His creatures. I heard the little sparrows chattering; I loved them.

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I loved the dogs; I loved the horses; I loved the little urchins on the street; I loved the strangers who hurried past me; I loved the heathen; I loved the whole world. To be sure, such a flood-tide of emotion subsided, but in its place came the certainty and solidity of an unwavering faith that made Brengle the spiritual giant he became. Again he writes:. This love thinks, wills, talks with me, corrects me, instructs me, and teaches me.

Samuel Logan Brengle

Oh, the rapture mingled with reverential, holy fear—for it is a rapturous, yet divinely fearful thing—to be indwelt by the Holy Ghost, to be a temple of the living God! Great heights are always opposite great depths, and, from the heights of this blessed experience, many have plunged into the dark depths of fanaticism.

But we must not draw back from the experience through fear. All danger will be avoided by meekness and lowliness of heart, by humble, faithful service, by esteeming others better than ourselves, and in honor preferring them before ourselves, by keeping an open, teachable spirit, in a word, by looking steadily unto Jesus, to Whom the Holy Spirit continually points us; for He would not have us fix our attention exclusively upon Himself and His work in us, but also upon the Crucified One and His work for us, that we may walk in the steps of Him Whose blood purchases our pardon and makes and keeps us clean.

Doors of opportunity swung open. The flattering offer of the pastorate of the largest Methodist church in the northern part of the state of Indiana formerly would have been accepted without hesitation. Now it was rejected. Brengle felt that divine guidance was directing him to the Salvation Army. He had heard General Booth speak and had been greatly moved.

He determined to go to England, where he could personally offer himself to General Booth and where he could receive adequate training for Christian service.

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He had become engaged to a young Salvationist, Elizabeth Swift. In every way, she seemed to meet the high standards he had set for himself concerning marriage and, with her full consent, he set sail for England two days after the wedding. General Booth eyed Brengle coolly. We are an Army, and we demand obedience. When he remembered that Jesus washed the feet of His disciples, his heart sang for joy. Never did he shrink from the humble quarters where he later found himself, the visitation routine, the every-night services, and the selling of the War Cry.

A fellow-officer met Brengle at a railway station in California. So desirous was he for spiritual help that he could not wait for the first Convention service. This man and two other officers later engaged in daily prayer that Samuel Logan Brengle would be set aside by the Army for spiritual work only, that is for the building up of the spiritual life among officers and soldiers.

They petitioned headquarters to this effect, and their request was granted. And all Israel from Dan even to Beersheba knew that Samuel was established to be a prophet of the Lord! What earthly honor or fame can compare with this!

follow link Brengle never dealt in generalities. Having seen the sin of his own heart, he knew what was in man. More than one hearer declared that Brengle preached directly at him. He was never guilty of making his congregation feel that they could in any way temporize with their submission to God. As great as he was as a preacher, it is as a writer for which he will be longest remembered.

He wrote only eight books, but it has been estimated that no less than a million copies have been printed in English and other languages as well. Helps to Holiness holds a very high place in its field and has been widely circulated to the spiritual enlightenment of thousands.

Apostle of Holiness

Birth-throes of agony often precede the production of that which is to bless multitudes. Enjoying his work in a certain town, Brengle received the startling message that he was appointed to No. He said later that a feeling of faintness came over him as he read the telegram, for this Corps was located in an extremely difficult area. Poverty, drink, and crime degraded the inhabitants among whom they would be working. Quiet for study and writing would seem impossible.

What is more, the hall was not far from the Theological Institute and former fellow students would be visiting him in anything but enviable quarters. Boston spelled to him a living martyrdom. Am I proud? Is this appointment an offense to my pride? Am I not dead to these things? He then read the declaration of St.

I am willing, not only to go to Boston and to suffer there if necessary, but I am willing even to die in Boston for Thee! The Brengles proceeded to Boston where blessing followed. And then one night, a drunkard, enraged because he had been ejected from the hall, hurled a paving brick which struck Brengle on the head. The devoted man hovered for some time between life and death and for eighteen months he was unable to preach.

The message of holiness burned in his bones. He wrote articles on the subject for the War Cry which were later collected and published under the title, Helps to Holiness. Another of his useful books was the fruit of the distressing crisis which arose upon the secession of the Ballington Booths from the Salvation Army. Commissioner Brengle often was asked the secret of retaining the blessing of sanctification.

Two years before his death he gave sound advice in answer to the query:.

Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle
Works of Samuel Logan Brengle Works of Samuel Logan Brengle

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