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Thanksgiving is the one meal of the year for which we take out the good silver, my great-grandmother's silver, from its hiding place under the bureau in my childhood bedroom. My grandmother used to polish that silver until she could see her face in the soup spoons although we did not ever actually use the soup spoons , and then we would set the table together, ten places, or twelve, as many as fifteen some years.

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My grandmother would follow after me and straighten the occasional wayward utensil. Now, I do the straightening. My grandmother's hands aren't as steady as they used to be.

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Last year, upon finding a knife with the blade facing out, I knew my grandmother had finally gotten old. This shouldn't really have come as news: the woman is Her short-term memory has been fading gradually for years; now it seems pretty much shot to hell.

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She repeats the same questions three times in the span of a five-minute conversation: where do I live London , when did she see me last August , what is my mother doing upstairs peeing, I think. My grandmother, reader of mystery novels and doer of crosswords, purveyor of family history, struggles now to follow the dinner conversation.

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  • Her long-term memory has fared better. Last Thanksgiving, we spoke to my aunt and uncle, vacationing in Rome, over Skype.

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    We said goodbye to my aunt and uncle, and then, for the fifth time in twenty minutes: "Where's your mother? My grandmother has never had cancer, or heart disease, or a stroke; she has what she calls her "bum knee," high blood pressure, a sensitive stomach. Graceful aging runs in the family: her younger brother, at 85, still goes to work every morning. And because her body has allowed her to, she has continued to insist on living by herself.

    The Good Silver

    As much as I wish she would relinquish what now seems like an absurd arrangement, I suspect this lifelong independence and stubbornness has allowed her to get to this age in such relatively mint condition. My grandmother raised three children on her own after my grandfather left, and, from her early thirties, never dated again.

    My mother once commented that she hoped Gram had a decent vibrator in her hey-day, and she might have: a nurse for Planned Parenthood, my grandmother fought quietly for women's reproductive rights long before they were fashionable or legal; she's never been prudish. But now that she sometimes forgets her pills, and is unstable on solid ground, let alone the icy sidewalks of a Rochester winter, we've all been pushing her to move east. If only she lived just around the corner, rather than seven hours down the turnpike -- we'd all feel more secure.

    We would, but perhaps not Grandma. She may not remember the conversation of the past five minutes, but that her children and grandchildren continually pressure her to move from her apartment of the last fifty-odd years, an apartment overrun with old pictures, with a desk still bearing my mother's elementary school pencil holder: this she remembers.

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    And she's not giving an inch. One day, my father sensed an opening. She commented how helpful he was, as he got something out of the fridge, or went downstairs to iron the tablecloth. He mentioned that maybe she'd like to be down the street, so she could reap the benefits of his helpfulness more often.

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    She conceded that yes, that would be nice. I might be the only American in London who flies home at Thanksgiving. Hot dogs, a staple at Ivy and Coney, are expected to remain in play.

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    Saltzman expects to launch with dinner service on Tuesday through Sunday to start, before working up to expanded hours and weekend brunch. As for sticking around the same neighborhood, Saltzman said it was a no-brainer. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Pocket Flipboard Email. Sign up for the newsletter Eater DC Sign up for our newsletter. Email required.

    The Good Silver The Good Silver
    The Good Silver The Good Silver
    The Good Silver The Good Silver
    The Good Silver The Good Silver
    The Good Silver The Good Silver

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