My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)

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Joan Didion. Nina Willner. Archie Roach. Jenny Slate. Peter Boylan. Elie Wiesel. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Suzuki Changed My Life. Free delivery worldwide. Description This autobiographical work is full of touching anecdotal references to occurrences in Honda's early life which subtly bring the Suzuki philosophies into focus.

Violin teacher Suzuki is the biggest fraud in music history, says expert

Written in the early seventies, this charming book seems at first to be an autobiography which indeed it is , but as one reads further into the book, one realizes that it is much more. Through the effective use of literary devices, Honda is in reality painting a picture of another life, that of his mentor, Shinichi Suzuki. As Honda tells of his boyhood, each time he learns a lesson in life -- humility, compassion, philosophy, love of life, love of art and music -- he is in fact building towards the core of his later passion, the spreading of Suzuki's teachings worldwide.

Contained herewith is a history lesson on the beginnings of Talent Education in Japan as told by one of the few people who was there at the very beginning. Honda defines Talent Education at its most fundamental. One learns of the beginnings of Suzuki teaching in the United States from one of the men responsible for bringing Talent Education to this country.

This is entertaining reading, with joy, heartache, pain, courage and, above all, insight into this revolution which is still taking place, the development of early childhood education. It should be read by all who have a passing interest in Suzuki and his teachings.

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My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)

How to Be a Footballer Peter Crouch. Battle Scars Jason Fox. Eggshell Skull Bri Lee. Forty Autumns Nina Willner. Tell Me Why Archie Roach. Shinichi Suzuki. Shinichi Suzuki was born in Nagoya, Japan on the 17th of October in His father, Masakichi, was a violin maker, who founded a violin factory in Nagoya in By the early s, Masakichi owned the first violin factory in Japan, which was also the largest in the world. But violin for him was just a toy.

At his 17, inspired by a recording of Mischa Elman, he started to teach himself to play the violin. He tried to imitate what he heard in the recording. In , at the age of 22, Shinichi came to Tokyo. After a year, Shinichi left Japan for travelling around the world. He stayed in Germany to be a student of Karl Klingler for the next 8 years. While in Berlin, Suzuki was befriended by Albert Einstein who was, by the way, a recognized violin virtuoso.

Japanese music teacher behind the Suzuki method has been unmasked as a liar and a fraud

That meeting inspired young Suzuki to create a base for Talent Education Method. On one of many musical evenings he met his future wife, Waltraud Prange. In , at the age of 30, he married her and then returned to Japan.

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He formed a string quartet with three of his brothers and toured the country to give concerts. Since that time he worked as a trainer in a music school. In , he became president of the Teikoku Music School.

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  • In , along with the famous Russian violinist Alexander Mogilevsky, Suzuki was acclaimed as a leading professor at the Imperial Conservatory in Tokyo. In the same year, he started for the first time in his life to teach a four-year-old child, a son of his friend. At a quartet rehearsal one day in , he surprised his brothers by suddenly stating what they considered obvious — that ALL Japanese children speak Japanese.

    With this simple observation, Shinichi Suzuki had discovered a way to develop a musical ability in young children.

    Dr Shinichi Suzuki – A Biography

    Children can learn to play a musical instrument or anything else in the same way that they first learn language. He had discovered an absolutely obvious fact that nobody had noticed before. He found out that a child born in a particular country learns to speak the language of this country within one to two years after birth. And what is more, not just a language of a certain country, but also a special dialect of a precise area where a child is born. According to Suzuki, a system that includes voice, ear and brain is like an utter copying machine that gives almost unlimited possibility to acquire a melody of any language.

    The right educational environment and appropriate motivation is enough for a child to learn anything at all! Air Force. One of his brothers died. The Suzuki family were down on their uppers. To get money for food, Suzuki gave lessons to orphaned children in the cities where he lived. He continued to develop his method in this remote city in the center of Japan. In , the Institute became an organizational structure authorized by the Ministry of Education. In , the first summer school of the Institute was held in Nagano, where students and 11 trainers from all over Japan took part.

    But they made the Vivaldi Concert, and their performance was overwhelming. I was not just touched, I was amazed.

    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)
    My Life with Suzuki (Suzuki Method International)

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