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It was the only way she mana Miller's Creek, Wisconsin, As a war rages on, a new era of hope takes root But when he Growing up poor and largely abandoned on the streets of s Chicago, Anna Finnegan has struggled her entire life. Until a talent manager discovers her and brings her into the world of theater. Now years later she's about to start shooting her first Colton, Montana, Struggling through the Great Depression, Maddy Aldridge agrees to run an illegal speakeasy in order to save her family's mercantile store.

Keeping her dangerous new business partner at arm's length is no easy task, but her brav It's , after the end of WWII, and Christina Tucker decides to take a nursing job in the small town of Longstock, Wisconsin and to pursue the life she had wanted before the war's outbreak.

Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier, #5) by Dorothy Garlock

Samuel Barlow was born and raised in Longview and h As a child, Charlotte Tucker was raised in small town Minnesota where the only r America's heartland at the end of World War I: The flags have stopped waving, the soldiers are home, and the women who kept the home fires burning face unexpected new horizons. Now that the war has affected th The Wild West has been the setting for some of Dorothy Garlock's most beloved novels. Now this New York Times bestselling author returns to this legendary time and place for a thrilling, heartfelt tale of a young woman tested by life Adrianna Moore has just had a double shock: the death of her father and the discovery that he has left his entire estate to his lawyer.

Proudly presenting her 50th novel, New York Times bestselling author Dorothy Garlock proves once again why she has won readers' hearts with moving stories about ordinary Americans and their dreams. Here is her riveting tale of a young woman facing a Offered the chance to work in a large California hospital, Kate departs for the West-and is kidn When nurse April Asbury arrives in Fertile, Missouri, she's looking forward to life in this picturesque town. But while Fertile might seem as pristine as April's starched white uniforms, it's anything but. Soon the spunky blonde is fighting her attra By , countless vehicles had traversed Route 66, their hum creating a uniquely American song.

Most were heading west-but roads go in two directions, and in Dorothy Garlock's riveting third novel featuring Route 66, the fabled highway is one that l In Depression-era America, U. Route 66 beckoned to those who yearned for a better life. Now beloved author Dorothy Garlock celebrates the dreamers who rode westward on No one captures the indomitable American spirit better than bestselling author Dorothy Garlock.

No time needed that spirit more than the Depression era. And no road fostered more dreams than U.

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Route 66, the path to golden California. Now Dorothy G The oilmen of Rainwater call Jill Jones a little wildcat. She doesn't take guff, and she'll use a broomstick on any roustabout who dares to spit on the porch of her Aunt Justine's hotel. The youngest of the Jones clan of Fertile, Missouri, Jill may f Annabel Lee Donovan may be a bootlegger's daughter, but she is also a lady. The slim, dark-haired young woman desperately wants her father to leave "the business" and settle down in one place.

Cheyenne Gunslingers: Address, Phone Number, Cheyenne Gunslingers Reviews: 3/5

Instead, their latest move, done in the middle of the nig Julie Jones is a plainspoken girl working on her father's hardscrabble farm. She's not prepared for the Jazz Age roaring through America, sweeping a flapper named Birdie Stuart and war veteran Evan Johnson into her Missouri town. As the summer heats Iowa, , Nelda Hanson, a successful young designer in Chicago, has come home to sell the family farm.

Here, just eight years ago, she was a pregnant teenage bride, torn from the arms of her new husband minutes after the ceremony. Nelda wouldn't se Rawlings, Oklahoma, Johnny Henry is coming home from the Pacific, and his estranged wife, Kathleen, secretly watches him step off the train to a hero's welcome. Her heart races when she sees him; his breaks when he doesn't spot her. Tillison County, Oklahoma, Though scarcity and hardship have taken their toll on the spirit of the nation, one young woman still dares to dream. Kathleen Dolan has high hopes for her investment in the Rawlings, Oklahoma, Gazette.

But the feisty Seward County, Kansas, On a day when she was cheerfully singing a popular tune, Molly McKenzie barely noticed the dark sedan that pulled up in front of her family's store. Minutes later, a hail of bullets rained down on her parents and shattere Oklahoma, Trouble seemed to be rolling up like the dust on the dry yellow horizon beyond Henry Ann's farm. Her father was dead and her two rebellious half-siblings were now her responsibility.

Then Tom Dolan, a new neighbor, came into her life Jenny Gray wondered if she could survive a day in an isolated cabin near an Indian reservation--and she needed to stay five years to make the land hers. She had never chopped wood or cooked a biscuit in her life before she ran away from Pennsylvania She was 23, "a spinster," but she stood up ta Jane Love's hopes soared when she set out for Timbertown, Wyoming Territory. There, she thought, she'd be safe from her enemy and find the work and respect she so needed.

The big problem turned out to be mill owner T. Sitting high on his Baptiste Lightbody had found the beautiful young girl named Maggie in Missouri Territory. From the moment they met, they became two parts of the same spirit, joined in flesh and soul with an undying fire shunne Addie Hyde spent four years waiting to see if the high-spirited husband she had married in haste would come back after the South lost the war. Yet Kirby Hyde was never among the Confederates in rags and tatters straggling through Arkansas.

Addie alwa Amid the lonesome pines of an Idaho logging camp, young Dory Callahan was like a burst of bright sunshine--even when she had to tolerate the scorn of her wealthy, mean-spirited half brothers each day of her life. Dory was proud, not ashamed of her to Proudly wearing her nurse's uniform and feisty as could be, Jesse Forbes delivered babies and tended the sick in the rural hills of Harpersville, Tennessee. But her gentle cou She had narrowly escaped the lynch mob that unjustly hanged her foster father. Now lonely Willa Hammer had nothing left -- except her dog Buddy, her faith in herself, and the protection of a strange, secretive family.

She joined their wagon train, he Spritely, auburn-haired Letty Pringle had been forbidden by her hell-and-brimstone preacher pa to see Mike Dolan, but the young sweethearts had whispered their vow someday to be man There is Esther, the child's crazed aunt, and dark secrets and memories lurking i Katy suddenly knew that she, her sister, and her tiny niece were the only people left in a desolate Montana ghost town.

Without a horse or a rifle, they hadn't a chance of crossing a wilderness crawling with outlaws, Indians, and grizzlie Behind her proper schoolmarm ways, sunny blond Mercy was the same sassy spitfire she had been as a child. An orphan raised by the Quill family with her foster brother Danny, she had alwa I'll be back. Smart as a whip, and as eager for life as a you With a derrin Her cornsilk hair loose in the wind. Liberty drove her Conestoga wagon as if the devil were after her. Fiery-haired Vanessa was determined to cross the prairies, ford the mighty rivers, and climb the Rockies to reach Colorado.

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Her hands held the reins of the mule team with wiry strength A Spitfire Woman A Savage Land Daring to carve a home from the wilderness for her young sister When her parents died, lovely Annie Lash was left alone in old St. Louis -- a prize catch for the elderly suitors lined up at her door. But the willful lass would have none of them, for she y Berry was only eighteen - and a fresh-mouthed kid - when she left the wagon trails to find her father's claim in Missouri. She was happy to be free from her father's tyranny.

But now with only her gentle young step mother beside her, Iris Ouverson had poured her energies into the family farm she cultivated with her sister, and the appearance of John Lang was unexpected -- and infuriating. Suddenly the land was theirs to share, an idea she couldn't accept.

But John was determined If anyone dared touch her, a hundred guns stood ready to take revenge. But Mason Mahaffey defied the odds to lay his claim on the McKenna l Dan Murdock was impossibly virile, tormentingly gentle But a car crash had left its indelible marks on her breathtaking beauty and erased her future. What were Dan's motives for pursuing her? Berry Warfield is only 18 when she leaves the wagon train to find her father's claim in Missouri, vowing to let no one stop her…. Victoria McKenna is a Western woman -- tough on the outside, but soft on the inside.

When her late father's cattle ranch on Wyoming's notorious…. Vanessa is determined to cross the prairies, ford the mighty rivers and climb the Rockies to reach Colorado. But her resolve weakens when a tall,…. Rosalee Spurlock challenges the dangers of the Colorado mountains with her courage, her rifle and her heart.

Then one starless night, Logan Horn comes to…. The million-copy bestselling author of Wind of Promise and Annie Lash continues her breathtaking Wabash River Trilogy with this second exciting novel set in Arkansas…. From top ranking historical romance writer, Dorothy Garlock, comes the first novel in a new trilogy. This is the romantic saga of a courageous widow…. After the death of their mother Summer Kuykendall and her brother travel to Texas to live under the protection of Sam McLean, a family friend. Out of print for nine years, a classic western romance by the bestselling author of Homeplace and Ribbon in the Sky has been brought back…. After the death of her parents, Annie Lash yearned for a man she could give her love to completely.

Then a young frontiersman offered her…. Leaving her finishing school behind, Mara Shannon McCall comes back to Wyoming, determined to reclaim the ranch that was her father's legacy.

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Molly barely noticed the sedan that pulled up in front of her family's store. Minutes later, a hail of bullets rained down on her parents. Ana is a stranger to the lonesome Iowa farm where she has gone to live after the death of her stepdaughter.

Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)
Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4) Larkspur (Wyoming Frontier Book 4)

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