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Recharging online has never been easier. Recharge with data, airtime, SMSs, or any bundle of your choice today. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By using our website you agree to our Cookie Policy. Got it. Bluetea in Texas said: Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Small company don't bother with background checks. Any company with an HR dept. Have to keep the HR manager busy. Dahmer, Gacy and Bundy weren't job hunting back in the computer background check days. That's why. Actually if they had computer checks, they would notice that Bundy had a record in other states by the time he arrived in Florida.

Back then you could run easier. It all went downhill when Bundy couldn't control his serial killer ways.

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Calfornian in Hayward, California. If there is a correlation, the only place I can think of it is in retail where you pay minimum wage, don't get the best and the brightest, and have a lot of theft. But that wouldn't really be a credit score problem so much as a hiring problem. You hire kids, who will work cheap, they probably have bad credit scores, so when they steal it's obviously because of their low credit score.

As an aside, often, the biggest customers, the kind who would have excellent credit evaluations as a company, were the absolute worst to deal with.

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We're so big we get to do what we want. As a second aside, I'm not a hiring expert, so maybe there are studies out there that show this. I've just never been able to find them when I Googled the topic.

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If you have a complaint about any content on Indeed, please contact Customer Support. Indeed reserves the right to remove any posts which Indeed feels are not relevant to jobs and company search. K, here's another one for ya Jobseeker in Lafayette, California 78 months ago If companies are rejecting folks who've got bad credit , why should those folks even look for a job? Oh wow jobseeker, I didn't realize this.

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I guess I'm screwed then. Go ahead and apply. You can still wrap Whoppers even with bad credit. You cannot discriminate on race, creed or color but you don't have to hire a deadbeat. Take your email to the finance department. I am not really sure how the process is going to work. Best thing is to phone them. I want to know that in order for me to be funded I need to show this message to the varsity or they will automatically know thank you.

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  7. Hi, This is the way I understand it. Hi Kath. This is not true.

    You can apply at any age for your first undergraduate studies certificate, diploma or bachelor or to upgrade undergraduate studies eg: from diploma to bachelor. I tried to ask the institution to let me apply but they refused,should I apply for a study loan? You can go and register. Hi, My understanding is that you can register without paying as long as you have the NSFAS letter stating that you are funded.

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    8. I have also missed my registration because I have no application or admission status on my nsfas account. Please help me. Supporting documents are still being accepted: Supporting documents must be emailed to: apply nsfas. Remember to clearly write your ID number on the top right corner of each page.

      Hi I have applied for Nsfas last year and I am supposed to be doing my second year, my status says academic eligibility evaluated ,should I be worried and if ever I am approved will they pay my fees for last year?? Hi, I am a first entering student at the university of Limpopo. What should I do. In a recent press release NSFAS said that if you register at an institute that is different from the one they funded you for, the funding will follow you. Just make sure that they know. Greetings, I received an email saying I am provisonally approved for funding pending registration, do I have to register myself first, and they will take over after?

      Yes, you need to register. NSFAS will prepare your contract. You will sign and then the money will come in. I know they are having trouble processing applications. You can phone them or you can wait patiently. You can also speak to your institute. Hi, If you withdrew from your studies properly then you may be refunded however if you dropped out and it registered on your record as fails then you will not be refunded.

      Hi, It means you are approved for costs for this year including registration. NSFAS do not pay debts. Hi Iv applied for nsfas last yr nov and again this year January and i ddnt get any respond from them. Please help me what to do cos im stressed and my parent doesnt have money to pay for my fees. You can also speak to UL. They know that there are huge problems with the new NSFAS system and most universities are being helpful and kind to students who are waiting to hear.

      Hi I applied for nsfas last year then I reseived an email stating that im provisionally funded. It means that as long as you are accepted at a tertiary institute and go to register, you will get the funding.



      You will need to sign the contract and then you get funding. So how long will it take to get that sms? Hi, I know this is all very confusing but you have been incorrectly advised by UFS.

      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya I Got One For Ya
      I Got One For Ya

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