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I mean he hasnt been consistent but every year hes had some great games for him. Just not as good as forest still is. Habbo Hotel. He hasn't even retired yet. I think you are just a bit salty because you are not as good as him ;. Mate, is over since 5 years. Our stepping-down comrade wasted 3 of NIP's golden years. Please, be reasonable! English or we get reported. If you have watched the tryhards from f0rest since you will see, that only he and Xizt struggled to do something with this team. He ruined my favorite team, so saying this guy is a legend really hurts my feelings - he doesn't deserve to be called a legend Stop commenting on every single person who says he's a legend, gtr is a legend end of story, noone fking cares what you think you moron.

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I thank him mostly for stepping down, even tho he wasted 3 of NIP's golden years. Basically kicked, but brought out in public as "stepping down" so its better pr. Well you should celebrate! Enjoy your party :. Finally this bot left would write F if he left years ago and didnt do that crybaby shit. What golden days??

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He is the one who keep standing still even in nip worst day. Get your brain checked asap, there is surely something wrong within it. He ended it by not quitting NIP back in Wasted NIP's golden years. If you actually have watched NIP's matches since then you will know what i am talking about : the only reason i started hating NIP was that they never kicked him. And I used to be their fan even before they won the first major :.

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Why are you like this? It's been a pleasure! F but this was probably for the better. Maybe get to gether with someone like friberg and flusha and have another run but who knows. Nothing but respect for legend. I am pretty sure they kicked him and he wanted to protect his reputation hence "steps down". Whats the point of posting the "news", if you just gonna write " More to follow Post with the all of the info o. Regardless of his recent performances, we should all acknowledge him as a legend. One of the kindest players in the scene as well.

NiP is the new VP, i can't respect a org who change players instead of try to fix the issues and improve themselves Rip NiP. You are very dumb for your age 12? Oh, ok, REZ, draken, dennis, are older as well? Wise words they only can lose to the silence I didn't get to watch him for most of his prime, but this a big moment in CS history. Thanks GTR. Legend, but let's be honest, he should have retired a couple of years ago. Probably the most dominant player ever during his peak, let's remember him for that and not his recent time in NiP which was sad to see.

Legend, we will miss you. I hope you find a decent enough team to continue and bring experience. The Legend.

In the months since the interim budget, India’s economy has taken a turn for the worse.

One chapter ends, hopefully find new team. Respect always i. About time. I have big respect for this legends, but you need to know when you can't compete at the required level any more, and step down.

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I hope he finds new paths that motivates him. Thanks for all the amazing years GTR. I hope youll stick around the industry. His career deserved a better ending. Imo he should've stepped down a while back. TOP 5??????? I cant believe the only pro who was born same day as me is retiring, no pls. Sir, you have been apart of history and legendary stories. You have been to the "peek" of this game in every way possible, You were the best player in the world, apart of the best team in the world, that would go on the most historic winning streak in the history of this sport. We love you and everything you've done for this sport and the amazing display of skill you've allowed us to witness over the years. I'd say it was a lil late, but he deserved to give it a try.

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I feel like forest needs to go to.. Let them play out together. Saying thank you for what he did at NiP. I'm a NiP fan before any player, but he is in my top 3. Then you are not NIP's fan. This guy has the determination to still compete at top level. Hope he finds another place outside his comfort to be at top level again. Goodluck gtr! Huge respect. What a story in that 7 years of nip F Hope to see him on a good team again soon. One good news that Cold joins Faze and now this blow OMG CS pls dont fck me up Happy and sad at the same time, its been great but NIP has needed to change things around.

Hopefully this will be the start of that. Raise your head Mr.

Chris, you are a legend and deserve all the respect and honer! Thank you very much for all you give for this game, I'm sure that you can still helping the game in backstage or even helping young talents in a tier 2 team I'm following you since CS 1. A truly said day, such a legend.

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But we knew this was the right thing to do. Feels bad man He should've retired during dh masters Malmo, would be fitting for a legend retiring at home soil. Sad to see a legend leave the team, I hope he can still play some more in another team. Respect to a legend, hope he one day does make it back to the top as a player.

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