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By nurturing, enhancing and strengthening your inherent capacity and gaining legal and practical knowledge and skills, any concerns or fears can be transformed. This allows you and others to make preferred and informed choices during the various stages of the death and dying process.

Zenith Virago is a leader in this field and has pioneered the concept of empowered continual care at end of life. As a professional Deathwalker for over 20 years, she brings integrity, experience and wisdom. The NDCC is a registered charity and works for education, authenticity and empowerment in death, dying and loss. Everyone has the capacity and courage to do death well. Each of us bring our own rich life experience and this training honours and builds on the awareness and strength that we are all intrinsically have to do this work for ourselves and others.

Skip to primary content. Skip to secondary content. Exploring and Embracing Death: Welcome, introductions and overview. Possibilities: Personal, partner, parent, child, friend experiences. Discussing beliefs, myths, transformation, spiritual awareness. Love, fears, intuition, deep knowing, relationships. Awakening our innate capabilities and cultivating presence.

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Strengthening our understanding and coming to an easier acceptance of death. Familiarity, coping, acceptance and embracing death. Preparation and Advocacy: Planning and decisions.

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Options and considerations. Legal and Legacy documents Understanding the value and need for preparation. Familiarity with the process, roles and services involved Advocating for others.

SPL Recap with Deathwalker & Emilzy

Caring for and being with the Dying Doula work : Cultivating presence and compassion. In Medbay, the alien wakes up and affirms she is Jha'dur, the Deathwalker, but she has come for a different purpose, as she has started development of a drug that will lend its user immortality. Franklin affirms a sample of Jha'dur's work shows promise but will need years of research to complete.

Sinclair has Jha'dur placed under security as travel to Earth is arranged. G'Kar flatly refuses, and goes to warn the other ambassadors from the non-aligned worlds. As Sinclair escorts Jha'Dur to her ship, the non-align world representatives stop them and demand that Jha'dur be brought to trial.

Sinclair agrees to hold a council meeting. Sinclair believes that with Minbar voting to bring Jha'Dur to trial with the non-aligned worlds, they will be able to stop Earth from taking her. However, he is surprised when Lennier votes to not hold Jha'dur accountable, angering the non-aligned worlds. Lennier apologies to Sinclair, as he had learned that the Windswords had harbored Jha'dur, and if that information were to come out in the open, it would cause great problems on Minbar. As Jha'dur's transport to Earth is re-established, fighter craft from several of the non-aligned worlds threaten to destroy Babylon 5 if Jha'dur is allowed to go free.

Sinclair offers their representatives a compromise, explaining about the immortality drug and allowing their scientists to participate in its development, after which Earth will turn Jha'dur over to them; they agree and their ships are called off. Sinclair sees Jha'dur one last time before she leaves for Earth, explaining the deal. She tells him that the truth about the immortality drug is that its principle component requires the death of another, and she sees its success as her legacy. As Sinclair and the other ambassadors watch her ship leave with escorts, they are surprised when a Vorlon ship appears out of the jump gate and destroys Jha'dur's ship before disappearing.

Kosh, who has joined the others, tells them that they are "not ready", and walks off.

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Separately, Kosh has asked Talia Winters to help with negotiations with a man known as Abbut. Talia finds that she is unable to read anything off Abbut with her telepathic powers, and as she listens in, he and Kosh speak in seemingly nonsense phrases.

As the negotiations go on, Talia finds herself experiencing visions, which culminate in one traumatizing one, re-experiencing the attack of a man she was previously investigating. Frightened out of the vision, she finds that Abbut has concluded his deal: he takes a data crystal out of his cybernetic brain and gives it to Kosh then departs.

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Talia talks to Garibaldi and Ivanova about the incident, and they tell her Abbut is a known "viscer" short for video cassette recorder who can record thoughts. They suspect that Kosh, who is normally distrustful of telepaths, may have used Abbut to gain information on Talia's own weaknesses to use against her in the future. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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