Day of Vindication

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Anthony Weiner Twitter scanda l on his website, Big Government, then on Monday pushed it to its conclusion with the release of more photos of Weiner, forcing the beleaguered New York congressman to hold a self-flagellating press conference hours later.

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So, too, was his sense of exoneration after the way the left-leaning and mainstream media had painted him as a questionable source in the past. We can accuse him of anything and the press will not hold those journalists to account no matter what they say. That profile was shaped by the series of undercover sting videos Big Goverment posted in that appeared to show employees of the left-leaning community organizing powerhouse ACORN offering advice on facilitating underage prostitution.

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The tapes had a devastating effect - ACORN was eventually disbanded - but were later revealed to have been misleadingly edited. Then last summer explosive video excerpts posted by Breitbart on Big Government forced the ouster of a black Agriculture Department official named Shirley Sherrod, who appeared in excerpts of a speech to be boasting of discriminating against a white farmer.

President Pat McQuaid has consistently maintained it was UCI that introduced blood tests to cycling in the first place. Given Armstrong's new confession, Manderson suspects McQuaid's denials may be ringing as true as the Livestrong founder's once-vehement claims he never doped.

If that's the case, the sharks have begun to feed on each other, and the public will finally learn just how deep the corruption ran in the sport. OC Weekly Editor-in-Chief Matt Coker has been engaging, enraging and entertaining readers of newspapers, magazines and websites for decades. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Matt Coker Posted on January 15, Matt Coker.

The MJCast - Episode 010: Vindication Day 10th Anniversary Special With Tom Mesereau

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Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication
Day of Vindication Day of Vindication

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