Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)

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It also helps to address gender-specific reasons for early school leaving, such as joining the labour mar ket early or teenage pregnancy. Urges the Commission and the Member States to pay particular attention to the physical a nd mental health of adolescent girls par ticipating in top-level competitions, and to assess with the utmost care the effects certain demands may have on the sexual and reproductive health of adolescent girls and on their physical and mental development, with the aim of preventing any effects that run counter to the important educational role of sport;.

H ere too, a 12 ye ar old you th involve d in sexua l activities with a 14 year old would be covered in Bill C Specific measures cover initiatives associated with problems of gender relations per se such as, domestic violence all except Belgium and the Netherlands , trafficking and prostitution Finland, France, Gr eece, Denm ark , and teenage pr egnancies UK only.

The UK quantified targets on lone paren ts and tee nage pregn ancies. Indeed , teenage pregnancy is singled out as a specific p roblem which must be dealt with. Until now the analogy had always been romantic: a falling in love. Now, as I translate myself, I feel like the mother of two children.

One type of love follows the other; from a passionate coupling, ideally, a new generation is born.

I feel an emotion even more intense, more pure, more transcendent for my children. Maternity is a visceral bond, an unconditional love, a devotion that goes beyond attraction and compatibility. As I translate this short piece into English, I feel split in two. I know that Beckett translated himself from French into English. That would be impossible for me, because my Italian remains much weaker. As for the translation into English, I consider it an obligation, nothing more.

I find it a centripetal process. No mystery, no discovery, no encounter with something outside myself. I have to admit, though, that traveling between the two versions turns out to be useful. In the end, the effort of translation makes the Italian version clearer, more articulate.

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It serves the writing, even if it upsets the writer. I think that translating is the most profound, most intimate way of reading.

A translation is a wonderful, dynamic encounter between two languages, two texts, two writers. It entails a doubling, a renewal. I used to love translating from Latin, from ancient Greek, from Bengali. It was a way of getting close to different languages, of feeling connected to writers very distant from me in space and time. I want to stop, orient myself. The re-entry is too soon, it hurts. It seems like a defeat, a regression. It seems destructive rather than creative, almost a suicide. In Capri, I make my presentation in Italian.

We visited my spanish classes, history, biology, mathematics, and finally, ART.

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The new professor of art was the lady Teasdale. I went to his class and could not believe what I saw. For a moment, I forgot the italian girl and all the other girls in the world. It was a woman of twenty-two or twenty-three years just graduated from the university, had long hair and Moreno , a wonderful smile and a few eyes of hazel colored that suddenly gave me an acute interest in art. I imagined in class with the Lady Teasdale observing and praising the work that I painted: a unforgettable box a French landscape.

You have extraordinary talent! I have never seen such capacity in a student. You are the. Suddenly, I returned from my dream to reality. She was explaining to my mother that I needed to bring brushes and canvas to class.

Tendre adolescente (1987) film erotique 18+

Then, against my will , we finish the visit and returned the first time in my life, I wanted to start the school. I wanted to go to the art class to impress the most beautiful woman in the world. Finally arrived the first day. I was not able to concentrate in my classes and after seven periods of torment, i went to the art class.

Lisa, say the Lady Teasdale, explained the rules and expectations and then gave us the first task: to paint a landscape. What a coincidence! Do my dream would be true!

I painted with great fervour and precision. Eventually the work would be in a museum very famous and would be sold by fifty million dollars.

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I had also done a little research on the previous day to prepare. I learned about the impressionism and Cubism. If she had asked me something of my style, I would have responded to my hero of art was Claude Monet, the impressionist painter. But not asked me anything. I gave back my painting and I started to think about the comments that would receive from the lady Teasdale in regards to my project.

Specifically the right angles and hipotenusas-things that I get bored normally. I accepted all passively because I loved the school. When it came time to go to the eighth class, I di hurry to come. The young lady Teasdale spoke to the class:. I want you to know that I am very impressed with the tasks that you have I delivered.

Although only one day I gave them, his paintings are of high quality. I have commented on each my thoughts of their techniques and skills. I knew very well that the comments that had been put in my task would say something similar to what she had said to me in my vision. I would be the miracle of its kind-of all their classes. I followed. Then you will have the opportunity to rebuild this paint according to the instructions and improve the.

Does he not know what it was? Do was blind?

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I felt very offended. I decided that after the class I would ask you to reconsider my note, and that explain what it was. But its beauty quickly dispelled my anger and I was able to listen to the rest of the class.

Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition) Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)
Adolescente (FICTION) (French Edition)

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